Can those Italians defend or what?

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2008 Bridge Olympiad Beijing
Italy vs Brazil

Round 9
Board 7
Dealer S
All vul


S K4

H Q10962

D Q98

C A53


S J7

H AK754

D K54

C J42


S AQ6532

H J83

D 763

C 7


S 1098

H —

D AJ102

C KQ10986

Contract 3H doubled. Please find the auction here

Sorry, but I’m away and it is too hard to make an auction look nice in wordpress.

In both rooms the auction began 1C 1H, but for Brazil Chagas continued 2NT. East could no longer entertain showing his spades and so made a good raise move via 3C. Now when Villasboas played 5C he didn’t even know how badly things would lie and he went 2 down.

For Italy Lauria passed 1H with the North hand and later doubled three for penalties. He began with the ace of clubs and shifted to his singleton spade four….declarer rose ace and went one down eventally. Now it is all very well to say what’s the point of not taking that finesse, but I understand exactly how Branco felt. You see, this happened to me playing two Italians last Saturday in our regular outing against the Cayne team.


S A2

H A10542

D K96

C 764


S K9654

H 9873

D J4

C J9


S J10873


D 10753

C K82




D AQ82

C AQ1053

West passed, East overcalled 1S over 1H, which West then raised three over 2C by South. In the fullness of time we reached 6H. East began with his singleton club. Now we all know that he may well be trying it on, but with a genuine play by rising ace still with the club guess as a residual you have to rise don’t you? Well DON”T YOU!!!!! I did. So my mind right from trick one was focussed on how to guess clubs.

So focussed on this that I eventually went down in a cold contract – a two card ending. As you can see after drawing trumps and trying diamonds I have to tap myself back to hand to play clubs in the two card ending. East has had to pitch his last spade on trick 11 since otherwise I can exit a low club from dummy dropping his king whilst I still had a trump left. I knew that. But even though I knew that when I came back to hand via my last trump and played a club up when LHO played low I now pondered how to guess clubs when it was no longer a problem. LHO HAS to have the king because otherwise RHO has the king and a winner. Pick a winner, any winner.

For all this may be a simple example for which I should hang my head in shame, nonetheless it is part of a set of hands that require a flexibility in thinking which is so important at bridge where even the most basic facts about a hand can change right in front of your eyes…

But how good are those Italians, huh? They relentlessly play the pressure cards in defence. I hate to use a word that’s been spoilt by people under the age of 30 – a word which is typically used to describe a particularly good serve of fries at McDonalds – but they are awesome.

Oh, by the way, one down in 6H was 17 IMPs out, slam making easily on a non-club lead in the other room.


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Doggon it, we were right! Italy demolishes Brazil in the 2008 Olympiad Please help me, doctor, I’ve been playing Pairs.

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