Please help me, doctor, I’ve been playing Pairs.

October 16, 2008 at 7:20 am Leave a comment

Honestly, it must be a couple of years since I’ve had a pairs game and let’s just say there is room for improvement.

Last night was the first qualifying night of the Victorian Open Pairs and things didn’t go altogether according to plan.

Suppose you pick up, vul against not:

S 109xx
H Jxx
D 98x
C Kxx

RHO opens 1D, you pass, LHO bids 2C and partner butts in with 2S. This is passed around to LHO who doubles. RHO bids 3H over that. So what do you do? ANYTHING? Pass looked like the best bid I’d made all night, but in fact 3S makes 9 tricks and plenty of people bid it. Partner has nothing much, either:

S AJxxx
H Kx
C J109

Was I just unlucky: spades broke, HA was onside, CQ was onside, the 98 of diamonds were worth about a trick when there was DK10 doubleton under the ace….


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