So far and yet so close….

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Playing against the Cayne team on BBO last Saturday we were hoping to make it three wins in a row. The other two had been with Appleton and Reynolds but they were busy, so this time we called in my favourite teammates the Singaporean kiddies back from the world championships in Beijing.

Singapore is like all the Asian countries in this region – there are only a tiny number of bridge players and yet a group of really talented youngsters has sprung up. Not that I realised they were kiddies til I asked them if any of their wives had a good recipe for Poh Piahs, much to their amusement. ‘Well,’ I said, after they explained that they were barely out of school, ‘What about your mums?’ But, evidently Poh Piah recipes are closely guarded secrets. I’ve extracted nothing from them.

This week our teammates were Zhang Yukun (Quantumed) and Ng Yong Hao (Starfrut).

It only took us 19 boards to amass the grand total of 2 IMPs whilst our opponents had 67 on their side. Still, they had just the one world champion on their side: Fantoni, aka fulvio2002 partnering Cayne with Saverio and PYG in the other room.

That left 9 boards to pick up 65 IMPs. Well, 66 if we wanted to avoid the draw. This is how the rest of the scoreboard looked as the Southern Hemisphere made its comeback. NO IMPs for the Cayne team

20 + 12 IMPs
21 + 6 IMPs
22 0
23 + 1 IMP
24 + 5 IMPs
25 + 11 IMPs
26 0
27 + 11 IMPs
28 + 10 IMPs

That left us 9 IMPs short and calling for time on.

The last board:

Bd 28
Dlr West
NS Vul

S 98
H J96
D J873
C Q1076
S A105
H AK10
D A10942
C K2
S Q764
H 8532
C 43
S KJ32
H Q74
D 6
C AJ985
PYG Starfrut Saverio Quantumed
1D Pass 1H Double
Redouble 2C Double All Pass

After the DK opening lead a trump shift went to the king and another to declarer. He played a spade to the jack, and having got that suit right, +180 was in the bag. Meanwhile in the other room:

Hinge Fulvio2002 Chua Cayne
1D Pass 2D Dble
3NT All Pass

The world champion led his longest and strongest, clubs were cleared and now declarer had no choice but to pick diamonds. He put the nine on the table and ran it – +400.


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Failing to reassess…again ‘Hey, Mister, can you spare me….’

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