Making a mountain out of a molehill….

November 6, 2008 at 11:03 pm 2 comments

You pick up


Nil vul, RHO is first to speak and begins with 2D a standard multi. You pass, on account of what happened last time you bid on something like this (you don’t want to know, trust me), and LHO bids 2H for correction. Partner doubles and RHO passes.

What now?

5D crossed my mind, and then 4D – it’s always nice to get a plus, isn’t it? And then I started thinking about the hand and the auction to date. Maybe I need to get a life, but really, it is quite an interesting situation.

One of two things is happening. Either LHO has made some sort of psychic 2H bid or partner has an extremely strong hand. Nothing else fits your hand, does it? That made me think I wanted to bid 3H to get him to bid 3N if he had a heart stopper – and if he bids anything else I can correct to five diamonds. If we have the auction to ourselves I think this’ll work well as a plan. But if LHO has psyched (and is planning more mischief) I could get into trouble.

Once I started considering this fact I realised that what I really wanted to do now was bid 3D on the basis that partner was so strong they were bound to bid again. But while I’ve been thinking about all this a considerable time has passed. 3D might just bar partner from bidding any more. So in the end I went with 3H.

As suspected, LHO hadn’t finished yet. She bid 4H and partner said 4NT. Is there anything to be said for passing that? It is MP Pairs, we are in notrumps, and if we were going to make 3NT we are going to make four. Call it too many drugs without a helmet in my younger days. Sometimes they still kick in. I showed my ace – always nice in dodgy auctions if your blackwood reply is also a 7 card suit – and partner bid 6C. Is there anything to be said for correcting that? Maybe. But what are you going to do over 6S next? I passed.

Chua Schroor Hinge Sheather
Pass 2H Dble Pass
3H 4H 4NT Pass
5D Pass 6C All Pass

State Pairs Qualifying
Session 3
Bd 27
Dealer South
Nil vul


S K9632
D 1097
C 9


S 7
H 104
D AJ85432
C 1052


H 6
C AQJ873


S J1084
H K98752
D —
C K64

I guess it was a case of the operation being successful but the patient dying. One off was not a lot of matchpoints…but at least it is likely, if I have managed to find a 3D bid in tempo, we probably would have gotten to 6D which suffers the same fate (in clubs the diamond ruff was not found).


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What’s a king gotta do? Close but no cigar, a small loss to Cayne, again.

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  • 1. sartaj  |  November 11, 2008 at 5:24 am

    “so I got out for a very round -100 instead of a world-class -150.”


  • 2. Ben Thompson  |  November 6, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    I contrived a very round zero on this hand.

    RHO passed and I opened 3D. After a bit of system, including RKC, we got to 6D. North led his stiff club.

    I figured (a) -100 was only going to be marginally worse than -50 and (b) the only chance to make (now) was that he had found a soft lead with 9x and that South would win his CK and go for the ruff.

    South did go for the ruff. Wrongly, of course – knowing he would get a good score for beating a slam on a finesse, he should have protected against a 9x lead and tried to cash their potential side suit ace (the DA is never going away, the HA might) by leading his HK. And then given his partner a club ruff.

    North wasn’t tempted to underlead his HA for the 3rd undertrick, so I got out for a very round -100 instead of a world-class -150.


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