Dresden 2008 Chess Olympiad

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Where to go to watch the Olympiad:

Chess Olympiad TV is something you can download. I can’t comment on whether it is worth doing so.

The official Olympiad site looks a shambolic mess.

Chessdom looks a more useful site and it will be frequently updated every day along with links to live games etc.

Chessninja could also be a handy site to visit.

With the Olympiad just hours away from starting, what are the chances for our teams? What a disappointment that Australia’s number one female player, Feldman, is not available. Caoili takes her place as first board and one can only hope she is able to produce her best. I watched her phenomenal performance in the Australian Masters some years ago – it promised much for the future – but so far she’s failed to deliver. It would be great to see Dekic perform well. She’s a real worker at the table so let’s hope that translates into points.

As for the Open team, it is hard to believe we are sending a team without Ian Rogers in it. I happened to be in the team in 1976, the year of his Olympiad debut. I can’t help recalling not only is Rogers no longer playing, but two of the 1976 team are dead: Terrey Shaw was hit by a ferocious prostate cancer that killed him at age 51. And just a few weeks ago Serge Rubinraut died.

The biggest excitement for our team is Australia’s new GM on board 1, Yuan. The story of how I more or less singlehandedly take responsibility for the dazzling career of this young man can wait for another time.

For now I will simply remind you all that he not only got his title earlier this year, but broke a world record in the process. NOBODY, not Fischer, not Kasparov, not any of the other bright young things that are around these days has done what Yuan did. He won the first two GM tournaments he played in. It was in such fine style that he qualified for his title. Here’s hoping he can pull something special out of his bag of tricks over the next couple of weeks.

Our teams:

52. AUS (RtgAvg:2488, Captain:Weeks, Manuel)
Bo. Name Rtg FED
1 GM Zhao Zong-Yuan 2567 AUS
2 IM Smerdon David 2470 AUS
3 IM Solomon Stephen J 2470 AUS
4 GM Johansen Darryl K 2446 AUS
5 IM Xie George Wendi 2403 AUS

54. AUS (RtgAvg:2122, Captain:Andras, Toth)
Bo. Name Rtg FED
1 WIM Caoili Arianne 2170 AUS
2 Nguyen Thu Giang 2101 AUS
3 WIM Moylan Laura 2114 AUS
4 WIM Dekic Biljana N 2103 AUS
5 WFM Oliver Shannon 1942 AUS

Go teams, go!!!


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