Tricks out of nothing.

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Round two of the NOT our team was already struggling, having managed a modest win in the first round. This round didn’t look like it was going to be better, I thought, as I gloomily perused my dummy on one board. I was in 3C doubled, which was 3 off, no escaping that. To make matters worse it looked like our teammates might well be in 6 hearts and as they were 5-0, well, it was all too depressing for words.

Dummy had Jxxxx in hearts and LHO had AKQxx. To my amazement, in the middle of the hand, she shifted to a low one letting my jack score while RHO still had to follow suit. Things were looking up, I thought, -300 and -50, not so bad. In fact really rather good, that -300, as Warren Lazer made 6H in the other room despite the bad trump break.

Later on in the event I held this combination again. It was a side suit in a major suit game. Jxxxx in dummy opposite x in hand. A trick or two into the hand I led the jack from dummy – and it held. Please, may I hold this combination more often!

I don’t know if there is a moral to the story, but I did find the reactions of each pair interesting. The first pair had a bit of a barney. When the jack held against the second pair BOTH of them apologised. I’m sure it is just a coincidence that it was the second pair who got to the finals….


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