Thoughts about the NOT.

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Fabulous to have the whole event in one venue for the first time in yonks. A NOT with integrity, fancy that! It’s been really unfortunate to have the top of the field split into two for some years now. The Convention Centre has got to be the perfect venue. Central to Civic, accommodation, restaurants. Capacious. Cool. The only downside I noticed – and I guess it is a big one – is that we didn’t have screens for the first round of the finals. This should be easy to rectify.

One of the upsides of one venue is that you get to see everybody as well as play them. Then there are the people you see for the first time….

Meet our Round three opponents:

Del Ryan and Monica Darley from Mackay

Del Ryan and Monica Darley from Mackay

At the other table, their teammates – Pauline and Warren – played our teammates….Pauline and Warren!

I saw Del and Monica after the event was over and told them we all thought their team played really well. ‘But you thumped us’ they said. ‘Well, yes, that’s true,’ I replied, ‘But we can still tell the difference between a team which knows what it is doing and a team which doesn’t.’ Any team can lose by a lot and still be a good team is the message. Don’t lose heart!!!

Indeed, Del and Monica said something which vindicated my team’s assessment of them. Later on in the event, they reported, they beat Smolanko. Now that is an impressive result. Smolanko was my pick for underseeded team of the event: Smolanko-Wyer, Peake-Dyke, Thomson-Bagchi. If that team had clicked it would have been a strong contender for the championship, but in fact, it struggled to get to the finals and got knocked out at the first opportunity.

Still, that does not in the least detract from the Mackay team’s win. It was a great result by players who rarely get the chance to play good competition and grasped the opportunity when it came.


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