Cayned by Cayne

June 22, 2009 at 8:03 am 4 comments

Good morning! Phil Markey and David Appleton, if you are reading this as soon as it’s posted, well, be grumpy morning risers by all means…you’ll have to pardon those of us who start the day happy.

We were indeed caned by Cayne on Sunday. But after 4 boards we were 18 up, courtesy of two game swings. This was the first.

Board 2
Dealer East
NS Vul




h1 A963


2S = 11-15 bal, less than 4 spades.
3S = bid 3NT.

Opening lead: Queen of clubs, RHO follows with the three. I won that in hand and couldn’t see anything better than a low club now and LHO split. Maybe you’d like to duck that? I didn’t, for better or for worse, so you are in dummy and what’s the plan now? RHO discards a diamond on the second club.

Maybe this isn’t the right sort of hand to give as a problem, but I don’t see much point giving experts hands that have answers….and if I can start the week with a bit of flattery, you all are experts reading this blog, aren’t you?


Entry filed under: Cayne matches.

One for Harry P. fans Cayned by Cayne, the whole deal.

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  • 1. Jonathan  |  June 24, 2009 at 12:54 am

    I think the epithet “non-expert” says more than “expert”.

    I would have ducked the 2nd club. Now I feel like leading a 3rd club and get a few more discards from South. I can’t see an attractive way of playing spades, so I’ll procrastinate.

  • 2. Chris Mulley  |  June 22, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    I would have preferred to duck that club (thanks for asking), if only to see what North wanted to do next. I don’t think that I can afford to keep playing clubs now, as they can then find one trick in a major to go with their two presumed diamond tricks, and they should manage to organise that in time.

    I know now that North started with 5 clubs, and it looks as though South started with five diamonds. I am going to play the DJ and see where things go from there.

  • 3. Ben Thompson  |  June 22, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    RHO is going to have 5+D unless he’s 4441. Everything breaking badly isn’t really going to work our well for me, so I’m going to assume diamonds are 5-3 or “better”, so at least I’ve got a shot at a 3-3 major break.

    In principle, I’m going to try get my 8th trick from a major (breaking helpfullly) and then my 9th trick from diamonds rather than the other major (a finesse is more likely than a break, and I can’t afford to lose a trick in each major anyway).

    I duck a heart next.

    The spades are single-dummy more likely to produce a 3rd trick by force (SK, SA, S up), but with RHO more likely to have S length, I’m discounting that heavily.

    The spade suit has better squeeze-endplay prospects, so I don’t want to bust that one open myself unless I have to.

    Imagine North has QJx QJx Ax QJ10xx. Or J9x J10x Qx QJ10xx. Or Q9xx Jxx A QJ10xx. Or… Both majors can be played for 3 tricks. If I play on hearts first, I could get diamonds wrong, and still make because North has to break spades. If I play spades first, I have to get diamonds right.

  • 4. phil markey  |  June 22, 2009 at 10:08 am

    i think east should prefer to play 3nt – i’m not sure of the methods but i know your system gets excited about who declares 3 no-trumps – east has some handy interior cards and hiding the stiff jack of diamonds is a plan

    i play a spade to the ace and lead a club up – no clear path to 9 as yet so i’m just doing the work that needs to be done without exposing any losers or too much of my hand – i will probably see a heart emerge from north next


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