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The Bermuda Bowl in Bali….shaping up to be a mess.

John Carruthers, of the IPBA, writes here about the difficulties developing in the leadup to the Bali Bermuda Bowl.

I first drew attention to this new rule last year at the time of the Olympiad. I pointed out to Peter Gill that the fine print of the event said that countries not entering forfeited rights to appear in the Bermuda Bowl. In this way the WBF is trying to enforce participation in the Olympiad. At least, I fail to see another interpretation. My recollection is that Peter Gill tried to talk to the WBF about it, but failed to elicite meaningful information. Peter, if you are reading this, please clarify if my memory is correct!

The WBF for reasons that I fail to understand, seems to think it is necessary to continue with this charade of ‘Mind Games’ even though they are treated as a joke by chess, and if you don’t have the support of chess, then you have nothing. Having ruined whatever good name the bridge Olympiad might have had as an independent event of note, they are now trying to recover by forcibly increasing the entries and hoping that this helps the prestige of the event.

I find it incredible that bridge is still just a game for rich people….and now for rich countries.

Shame on the WBF!

By the way, Carruthers calls the withdrawal of Israel as ‘political’. I don’t know exactly what he means by that. I wouldn’t be caught dead in Bali….


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