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The impact of chess in education in disadvantaged areas

It’s not a new story, there is a vast amount of anecdotal evidence that children do better at school and life by learning chess. It has particular impact in disadvantaged areas and on kids who for socio-economic reasons find school difficult. It’s a leveller. It is obvious that chess helps build up the brain and the psychology of being able to deal with school.

This is an inspirational video as to the impact in poor multi-lingual areas of Amsterdam of chess for kids. Apart from anything else it explains clearly the impact on the frontal lobe of the brain of thinking before acting – really interesting! The kids are learning good habits in a very practical way. They are taught to sit on their hands after they have made their move. Cute. And the profound consequence is that kids build up that vital part of the brain that teaches restraint and self-control.

The video also goes into the relationship between chess and the community and the ways in which other cultural pursuits have been drawn into the net.

And it’s a story of how much one person on a mission can achieve.


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My Morphy Number

For details on the Morphy Number see, for instance, the wiki page.

Mine is 4. I’ve played Frank Sulik. Sulik was one of Australia’s top players for many years, but rarely played at national level. He dominated chess in Adelaide. Before WWII he played for Poland in two Olympiads both of which saw Poland come second. After WWII he emigrated to Australia, like many Baltic players at that time.

Sulik played Tartakover, who is a 2.

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